Madison Piercing

Madison piercing is named after ‘Madison Stone’. This type of piercing […]

Picture of Madison Piercing

Monkey Tattoos

Monkeys are energetic and fun-loving creatures. These quick witted mammals are […]

Tattoos Monkey

Ladybug Tattoos

Ladybug tattoo designs are very popular among girls. The femininity of […]

Ladybug Tattoos for Girls

Stingray Tattoo

Tattoos are one such form of art which symbolizes different attributes […]

Stingray Tattoos Ideas

Filipino Tattoos

Tattoos are a style statement these days. But, many centuries ago, […]

Filipino Tattoo for Girls

Claddagh Tattoos

Claddagh ring is an Irish ring representing friendship, love and loyalty. […]

Claddagh Tattoos for Women

Motorcycle Tattoos

Motorcycle tattoos are a favorite among young adults. Motorcycle frenzy are […]

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Graffiti Tattoos

Graffiti refers to drawings or writings scribbled or painted on walls […]

Graffiti Art Tattoo