Monkey Tattoos

Monkeys are energetic and fun-loving creatures. These quick witted mammals are often seen mimicking people and entertaining them with their antics. People who love to get their bodies inked, constantly look for innovative subjects. Surprisingly, a large number of people are observed having monkey pictures tattooed on their bodies. These tattoos range from simple baby monkey tattoos to varied complex ones like, brass monkey tattoo, flying monkey tattoo, crazy monkey tattoo, golden monkey tattoo, monkey bones tattoo, monkey king tattoo, tribal monkey tattoo and even voodoo monkey tattoos. One can places these monkey tattoo designs and ideas on their wrist, foot, belly button or back, as they like.

Monkey Tattoo Meaning

The main characteristics of a monkey are intelligence and wit, impatience, jovial and energetic. Though monkeys are said to have a fair share of good and not so good traits, what a tattoo signifies, solely depends on the mindset of the wearer. According to Buddhism, monkeys are considered as the protectors and messengers of god. The Hindu mythology also holds monkeys in high regard, as it was with the help of a devoted monkey, that Lord Rama was reunited with his wife, Sita. One can also get cute monkey tattoos inked on his body, to simply show their fun personality.

Monkey Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Baby Monkey Tattoo

Baby Monkey Tattoo

Brass Monkey Tattoos

Brass Monkey Tattoo

Crazy Monkey Tattoos

Crazy Monkey Tattoo

Cute Monkey Tattoo

Cute Monkey Tattoo

Flying Monkey Tattoos

Flying Monkey Tattoo

Funky Monkey Tattoos

Funky Monkey Tattoo

Golden Monkey Tattoos

Golden Monkey Tattoo

Ink Monkey Tattoos

Ink Monkey Tattoo

Lucky Monkey Tattoos

Lucky Monkey Tattoo

Monkey Tattoos Bones

Monkey Bones Tattoo

Monkey Tattoo on Fist

Monkey Fist Tattoo

Monkey Foot Tattoo

Monkey Foot Tattoo

Monkey King Tattoos

Monkey King Tattoo

Monkey Tattoos Designs

Monkey Tattoo Design

Monkey Tattoos Drawing

Monkey Tattoo Drawing

Monkey Tattoos Ideas

Monkey Tattoo Idea

Monkey Tattoos Meaning

Monkey Tattoo Meaning

Monkey Belly Button Tattoos

Monkey Tattoo on Belly Button

Monkey Tattoo for Men

Monkey Tattoo for Men

Monkey Tattoo for Women

Monkey Tattoo for Women

Monkey Tattoo Pictures

Monkey Tattoo Picture

Monkey Tattoo

Monkey Tattoo

Tattoos Monkey

Tattoo of Monkey

Tribal Monkey Tattoos

Tribal Monkey Tattoo

Voodoo Monkey Tattoos

Voodoo Monkey Tattoo

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