Betty Boop Tattoos


Betty Boop Tattoos

Betty Boop is the animated character, brought to life by Max Fleischer. Having appeared in numerous cartoons, film series, comic strips and mass merchandise, Betty was rated as one of the most popular cartoon characters in the world. The round baby faced character with big eyes, button shaped nose and a petite body described Betty Boop as the perfect combination of child-like yet sophisticated woman.

A unique collection of Betty Boop tattoos are available on this website. Depicted as Angel Betty Boop, Sexy Betty Boop, Gangster Betty Boop, Biker Betty Boop or Cute Betty Boop, these Betty Boop tattoos for girls adorning various body parts are a sight to watch. Check out the Betty Boop tattoo designs and pictures and save one for yourself too.

Betty Boop Tattoo Meaning

Betty Boop can be a representation of beauty and female sensuality. Women wearing Betty Boop tattoos often come across as self-confident and outgoing, who show no inhibitions while being true self to the world. The Betty Boop tattoo ideas and images depict both the sides of women character, being cute yet sexy.

Betty Boop Tattoo Designs and Ideas

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