Body Piercing Is A Popular Way To Express One’s-Self


Body Piercing Is A Popular Way To Express One’s-Self

Although body piercing has been around for literally thousands of years, it is relatively a new concept to the western world. In many cultures body piercing works in conjunction with tattooing as a way to mark rank in a tribe or status, but can have a large variety of personal meanings as well.

In western culture body piercing has become an exotic way to express yourself. Often in today’s club scene there are a bunch of redundant questions asked, but one that often gets brought up every time is “do you have any piercings?”.

Body piercing is an art-form as well as a form of deep expression. Many get body piercings types such as belly button piercings, tongue piercings, even cheek and eyebrow piercings for no other reason than vanity, but then there are many who have deep seated reasons for their body piercing that they don’t necessarily make public. For some these piercings are a way to remind them of surpassing a fear, or in many relationships it marks a physical bond. Much like a wedding ring or class ring, couples will get the same piercings as a way to declare their love for one another, a gesture of devotion that is either kept to themselves or shared with close friends.

There are some unusual or strange body piercing concepts that often will bring crowds because people admire their courage, as they may themselves think it’s cool but never in a million years would they want to try that. One interesting piercing that has surfaced, although the jury is still out as to weather this is a piercing or a tattoo, is the eyeball piercing. In this radical approach, the white of the eye is cut and a small metal trinket is inserted then the skin heals around it. It is said not to damage the eyes or the wearers site but it is a drastic approach to getting attention in an age where being unique is top rated.

Getting a body piercing is just the beginning however, as once you’ve decided to get it done and where you want it done, you then have a choice of a limitless range of different body peircing artwork to insert ranging from gems, to types of metal, to balls and chains. The potential for expression in any given piercing is truly mind blowing!

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