Body Piercings – New Way To Express Yourself With Body Piercings


Body Piercings

A “Hole” New Way To Express Yourself With Body Piercings

Tattoos or piercings?  Both have taken off over the past several years.  Both have become a mark of not only art but sex appeal.  But which one is right for you?  Tattoos are permanent, even when you are 70 and your skin is sagging, you are inked for life.  Body piercings on the other hand have much more to offer. 

There are various types of body piercings.  Simple ear piercing has evolved to piercing of the cartilage, tragus, eyebrows, Monroe, chin, lip, nose, septum, and a variety of tongue piercings.  Keep in mind these aren’t even the start of the options available.  In addition to the bellybutton, industrial, and various others, there are unusual piercings called surface piercings.  These can be between the eyes, on the sternum, neck, basically any other surface of the skin that won’t be in danger of too much contact.  The possibilities and combinations are endless. 

Why body piercings?  In a word – BLING!  Body piercings offer ever changing variety in the types of jewelry you can change into.  There are pieces that have sayings, pictures, or are elaborate and exotic, dangly, feminine, and sexy.  They are fun and imaginative ways to express yourself.  There are pieces that have a working eight ball to ask questions, blink or vibrate, and you can even get rings with your name on them.  Male or female, tough or flirty, dangerous or silly, there is something for everyone. 

Jewelry comes in a variety of different metals, you can easily find gold, sterling silver and titanium rings.  A new type of material recently introduced is called bioplast.  Bioplast is great because it is flexible yet heat tolerant, meaning it is safe to be sterilized by your piercer in the autoclave.  It is also more compatible with your body, leads to fewer infections and heals quicker.  You can get bioplast combined with metals so that you have almost endless options as far as the style you choose with the added benefit of being easier on your body.  There are even some bioplast pieces that are clear that can create an optical illusion in the piece of jewelry.  It’s truly an amazing new thing.

Body jewelry isn’t just a badge of honor, proving you can tolerate pain and suffering, it’s a truly unique and elaborate way to express yourself, what’s important to you, your style and your feelings.  As those things change, so can your jewelry.  Pieces are becoming more and more elaborate as they become more popular.  Piercings are becoming better and beautiful ways to express yourself.  What does yours say about you?

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