Cherub Tattoos


Cherub Tattoos

A cherub is a winged angel described as a bull or lion having the wings of an eagle and a human face. The angelic creature is said to be present at the conception of God according to the biblical traditions. As per the ancient Christian angelology, these angels are given the position of the second highest order in the ninefold celestial hierarchy.

A varied range of cherub angel tattoo designs, pictures and ideas are depicted hereunder featuring the angelic being in solitude and in company with other angels. Adorning different body parts such as the sleeve or wrist, the cherub tattoos are a great way to attract attention.

Cherub Tattoo Meaning

The term ‘cherub’ means differently in different languages. In Assyrian, it means great whereas in Akkadian and Babylonian, the term means blessed. Nowadays, the cherub is described as a innocent, winged baby angels with minimal clothing, however, according to the Bible, the mighty angels were bestowed the job of protecting the Almighty. It is often believed that people wearing cherub tattoos are under the protection of the guarding angels.

Cherub Tattoo Designs and Ideas

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