Claddagh Tattoos


Claddagh Tattoos

Claddagh ring is an Irish ring representing friendship, love and loyalty. The traditional claddagh ring dates back to the 17th century where it signified companionship in weddings in medieval Europe. Nowadays, the claddagh rings are used both as jewellery as well as a symbol of Irishness depicted on various objects such as pubs, restaurants, grave stones and even tattoos.

A collection of claddagh tattoos designs and ideas for men and women adorning different body parts like the wrist and foot are available on this website. These pictures depicting the Irish Claddagh Tattoos, Celtic Claddagh Tattoos, Claddagh Ring Tattoos, etc being symbols of love, are appreciated by all.

Claddagh Tattoo Meaning

Claddagh ring in itself, fulfills the vows of wedding, wherein, the hands are for friendship between the two souls, the heart means love and the crown stands for loyalty between the partners. Claddagh rings can also be gifted to people to describe their fondness for the other. Having a Claddagh tattooed with the name of one’s partner says it all. A bigger gesture, that gifting somebody a claddagh ring is to get it tattooed on your body, thus depicting their irreplaceable role in your life.

Claddagh Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Here you can find all of these : Claddagh Tattoo Designs, Claddagh Foot Tattoo, Celtic Claddagh Tattoo, Claddagh Ring Tattoo, Celtic Knot Claddagh Tattoo, Claddagh Tattoo for Men,Small Claddagh Tattoo, Claddagh Tattoo on Wrist, Irish Claddagh Tattoo and Claddagh Tattoo for women.

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