Fairy Tattoo Design


Fairy Tattoo Design

The Fascinating World Of Tattoo Design

It seems that everyone wants to get a tattoo these days. There are a million reasons anyone gets one but the main reason is that it is a personal expression of how you feel about something in your life, or your life in general. Some people use tattoo design pieces as a way to track a time line of their life. If you think about it a picture is worth a thousand words, but a metaphor is worth a thousand pictures!

People getting tattoos often like complex tattoos that mix in several metaphors to remind them of a variety of things they don’t want to forget. Some only define their tattoos for people they know and trust, while others aren’t so private about them. Some people like the attention it gives them, as people often will approach you out of curiosity and ask you about your tattoo design. It is actually an excellent way to break the ice with people in a very personal way.

There are millions of different tattoo design templates you can choose from but more than not people will alter a template to make it more personal, even mixing different things together to create their metaphoric tattoo. One of the fascinating things about tattoo designs are their uniqueness, so people try hard to find a design that is familiar yet still unique. I saw one the other day with si sign for aquarius with a shooting star being ridden by a chinese man eating a cherry. To each his own.

The tattoo artist will help you figure out what you want your design to look like. Some will write the tattoo design down as you tell them what you want and you eventually come to the design that strikes you. It is best to get your design done one day and the tattoo done another day. This is a big step and you should take some time to really think it over and be completely sure this is what you want.

The tattoo design artist will transfer the design usually through a photocopy process onto a transfer sheet, much like you find in check books for making carbon copies, on to your body by tracing it. They then using the needle trace the design that was transferred. The ink is actually pigment and is safe, it gets put under the epidermis but above the fat cells so the design is actually not on the top of your skin like it appears. This is why it doesn’t wash off or become smeared when you shower and scrub.

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