Filipino Tattoos Designs and Ideas


Filipino Tattoos

Tattoos are a style statement these days. But, many centuries ago, tattoos formed an integral part of most of the ancient cultures across the world. The rich tradition of Philippines is one of the many civilizations who firmly believed in getting tattoos on their bodies. Thus, Filipino tattoos are immensely popular among the people of the nation. Various tattoos being simple or intricate are inked on their body parts to show their respect for their rich heritage.

Among the ancient Filipino tattoos, the sun and stars Filipino tattoo designs, ideas and pictures are extremely popular. The Filipino tattoo styles ranging from ancient to modern ones having flower motifs, tribal and traditional designs are a favorite too. These tattoos for men and women can be inked on various parts of the body like the chest, arm, sleeve or back for best results.

Filipino Tattoo Meaning

Filipino tattoos have been derived from the tribes of Philippines. In the ancient civilization, people of different tribes wore tattoos. The leaders and warriors of the tribe wore specific tattoos, thus, differentiating them from the rest of the tribe. The tattoo art was considered as a symbol of a rise in their rank. Among women, tattoos were used to signify beauty and hierarchy in their respective tribes. Now, the relevance of such tattoos have changed. People staying in far off countries get Filipino tattoo designs to stay in touch with their culture and roots. Considered as a symbol of strength and beauty among men and women respectively, such tattoos are quite popular among people from other backgrounds too.

Filipino Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Here are the list of designs for you: Filipino Tattoo Designs and Ideas, Traditional Filipino Tattoo, Filipino Tattoo for Girls,Filipino Tattoo for Men,Filipino Warrior Tattoo,Filipino Tribal Tattoo,Ancient to Modern Filipino Tattoo,Filipino Tattoo of Sun and Stars,Filipino Sun Tattoo,Filipino Flower Tattoo,Filipino Pride Tattoo,Filipino Arm Tattoo,Filipino Sleeve Tattoo,Filipino Chest Tattoo,Filipino Tattoo Style,Filipino Tattoo for Women

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