Graffiti Tattoos Designs and Ideas


Graffiti Tattoos

Graffiti refers to drawings or writings scribbled or painted on walls or other surfaces. Graffiti can be simple words or grand paintings etched on walls. The graffiti have been in existence since time unknown and their roots can be traced back to the Roman Empire, Ancient Greek and Egyptian times. In modern art, spray paints and marker pens are used to go creative in graffiti styles. A genre of graffiti artists have come up in today’s world wherein, graffiti is not only promoted by gangs and hip-hop followers, but also to express political and social messages.

Graffiti art tattoos are common among men and women alike. Being unisex in nature, these tattoos can be worn on different body parts like arms, forearms, sleeves, back and foot. Abstract graffiti tattoos are a hit among the daredevils who prefer doing things out of the box. There are endless possibilities while looking for graffiti tattoo designs, ideas and pictures, as such tattoos are not restricted to a single item.

Graffiti Tattoo Meaning

As discussed earlier, graffiti means written words or paintings. Graffiti tattoos can portray anything under the sun. Be it your name or the name of a loved one, or words of encouragement or pictures of things which hold symbolic value. For instance, getting your partner’s name tattooed in graffiti art is the symbol of affection, or words like faith, loyalty describe the importance of such terms in your life. Sketches of fire can be interpreted as the burning passion within. Many a times, people prefer graffiti tattoo ideas for they are innovative and creative. Men and women wearing graffiti tattoos can be described as carefree people, who love the attention for their unique tattoos.

Graffiti Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Here are the list of designs and ideas: Graffiti Tattoo Designs and Ideas,Abstract Graffiti Tattoo,Graffiti Art Tattoo,Graffiti Name Tattoo,Graffiti Style Tattoo,Graffiti Tattoo Design with Words,Graffiti Tattoo Fonts,Graffiti Tattoo on Arm,Graffiti Tattoo Sleeve,Graffiti Tattoo for Men,Graffiti Tattoo on Forearm,Graffiti Tattoo for Women,Tattoo of Graffiti,Skin Graffiti Tattoo,Physical Graffiti Tattoo

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