Industrial Ear Piercing


The Art Form Of Ear Piercing

It’s been a very long time since ear piercing was just a basic thing where you could mention it as a stand alone statement that meant one thing. Today, when you go to get your ear(s) pierced you have a lot of different choices, styles and concepts to choose from.

You have your normal ear piercing which is the bottom middle of the ear lobe. This is still the most popular version of ear piercing on the planet. Their are also many different versions of this as well from getting one piercing, two, three, or piercing the ears all around from the bottom of the ear lobe to the end of the ear near the temple.

Other ear piercing concepts include different parts inside the ear or even hoops on the outside edge of the ear have become popular as well. You may not realize it but a lot of the piercings that are deeper into the center part of the ear are not necessarily a fashion statement. There has been some intriguing studies done into pressure points in the ears and it has been found that certain spots in the inner ear can be pierced and the earring twisted to alleviate headaches and migraines. Over the years this has become a functional as well as stylish piercing that has caught on with a lot of people.

There are some pretty elaborate piercings as well that range from simple to disturbing in nature depending on your preference. One of the latest piercings includes hollowing out a big hole in the ear and putting in a dime sized piece to keep it open. In many ways piercings have taken on the same pop culture concepts as tattoos and in fact the two concepts often go hand in hand with people getting them done. There are even shops that for the most part offer both in the same premises due to the demand for piercings often being followed by getting a tattoo or vise-versa. The two can complement one another very nicely. Both tattooing and ear piercing have long been a great way to express yourself, and this art form although it seems to have hit it’s limit is far from finished evolving. These are just a few tips in deciding what style is best for you.

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