Madison Piercing


Madison Piercing

Madison piercing is named after ‘Madison Stone’. This type of piercing goes through the skin just below your neck near the collar bone.

Madison Piercing Definition

It is a type of perforation that is placed horizontally, just a little above the center position of the collarbone. As per various piercers, such type of surface piercings report of high rate of migration and rejection. Due to its placement, this type of perforation is often worded as ‘Jugular Notch Piercing’.

Picture 1 – Madison Piercing (Jugular Notch Piercing)

In comparison to other types of piercings, this type of perforation is viewed as contemporary piercing, since it has been in the market for not more than 20 years.

How Madison Piercing is done?

When it comes to body piercing, it is always recommended to consult a professional and Madison Piercing is no exception. In this type of perforation, the piercer will dirt-free your skin, however, it is always preferred to wash the area with soap before you head for piercing.

A professional who has hands-on experience in surface piercing and has extensive knowledge in this field will be ideal for you. A professional piercer offers valuable advice on the appropriate jewelry gauge, material and shape for your particular piercing. Before insertion, be rest assured that the item is mirrored finish, free from surface scratches and is infection-free.

Madison Piercing Pain

Madison Piercing is a perforation of the collar bone area. Piercing of such an area can be tad painful. The skin in the area is far more sensitive than that of wrist or belly, hence the pain sensation is bit more. Although it gives an edge to you bare clavicle, this type of piercing takes pretty long to heal.

Madison Piercing Aftercare

In order to scale down the possibility of rejection, sterilizing the surface piercing is a good move. A saline solution or a non-iodized sea salt solution is the best and recommended way to clean the piercing without agitating it. For the initial few weeks, the piercing should be cleaned 2-3 times a day.

To avoid any complication or problem, follow your aftercare instructions for the next six months without fail. Healing for the neck area is slow in comparison to other parts of the body, hence adhering to the aftercare instructions will work in favor of you.

Madison Piercing Health Risks

This form of body surface piercing often leads to migration, potential impact damage and a scratch mark when it is removed from its position. Hence, it is imperative for you to take care of such piercings, if you want to avoid holes on your precious neck.

Madison Piercings Jewelry

The initial jewelry for such form of piercing is usually a surface bar, however, in few cases flexible barbell, CBR or curved barbell jewelry is also preferred. Typically, the jewelry for such piercings depends on the placement.  As per professionals, the surface bar inserts more tension at the ends of the fistula, increasing the possibility of rejection.

Picture 2 – Madison Piercing Jewelry

Madison Piercings Rejection

These types of surface piercings have high migration rate and rejection, on account of natural movement/ flexibility of the body area. 3 out of 10 people heal completely, rest are left with infection.

Madison Piercings Healing Time

The healing time for such form of piercing can run from weeks to months, or in few cases never heal at all. Hence, it becomes your primary duty to follow your aftercare instructions without fail. Make sure you do not hang anything from your piercing, or it may take long to heal.

Madison Piercing Facts

There are certain facts about Madison Piercing you should be acquainted with, some of them include:

  • Many Madison piercings are vulnerable to rejection or migration, even though you follow a strict aftercare regime.
  • Do not change your jewelry until your piercing is properly healed and is ready to accept the change of jewelry
  • To reduce the scarring effects, remove the piercing when it is rejected for the first time.

Madison Piercing Pictures

Picture 3 – Madison Piercing

Picture 4 – Madison Piercing

Picture 5 – Madison Piercing

Madison Piercing is a contemporary art. If you wish to get a taste of this art and add to your overall looks, make sure you consult a professionals and stick by all the precautions. It is one of the most delicate perforations and takes a lot of time to heal.

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